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Leadership Development Workshop
for Network Marketers

4 Week Leadership Boot Camp 
( August 23 -September 13 )

Leadership Development Workshop

Rise above the crowd and make your business thrive!


Course Overview

Gina’s 4 Week Leadership Boot Camp is filled with nuggets of wisdom accumulated by her own success in network marketing as well as her extensive business training. Throughout these workshops, you’ll encounter Gina’s passionate belief in the value of leadership, and you’ll benefit from her unique talent for articulating principles of influence, connecting, and duplication. You won’t just be listening and learning though, this is about YOUR growth, and to grow you need to take massive action! Gina will mentor you through this process including branding, team building, attraction marketing, and building belief!

"We found that one business model stood out from the rest. This particular business model creates passive income, but requires relatively little cash investment to start up. It has very low overhead, and can be operated on a flexible part -time basis until it generates enough cash flow for the entrepreneur to transition out of his current full-time job. That business model is called Network Marketing..."

~ Robert Kiyosaki
The Business of the 21st century 

What You Get

Live Coaching

75 min zoom coaching which includes 4 lessons with leadership and personal growth consultant, Gina Redzanic, opportunity to share/discuss, and ask questions

Action Plan

Tangible tasks to help you apply the teachings to your leadership and business growth- You will TAKE ACTION throughout the entire 8 weeks

Exclusive Community

Small group community & accountability via private Facebook group to access Gina for questions, build community momentum with other like-minded driven leaders, as well as access to all the zoom recordings and additional content

Schedule of Workshop

Live Webinars will be held on Monday’s (see below for time zone)

Pacific Time

5:45pm - 6:45pm

Mountain Time

6:30pm -7:45pm

August 23

August 30

Central Time

7:30pm - 8:45pm

Eastern Time

8:30pm - 9:45 pm

September 6

September 13


Meet Your Mentor

Gina Redzanic

My own experience reaching success as an entrepreneur combined with my years of training and certified coaching skills has equipped me to serve others in this capacity of coaching. I have experience in both starting and running a small business as well as building a large organization in network marketing.

As a Certified John Maxwell Team Business Coach, I have created this 8 week online course based on JMT's principle that a leader is not born, but made.  You will learn how to lead yourself first so you can lead others well.  Take this step towards personal growth and development and create momentum and success in your NWM business.



Success Stories


“Gina is a powerhouse of a coach and leader when it comes to business startups, creating systems that work & duplicate, and has a heart to give and serve. My wife Adyana and I did one strategy session with her and she gave us so many things we can implement immediately, and never felt like there was an agenda to purchase anything. She allowed us to ask questions and answered them without holding back, like some do you get you to buy from them. That’s not the case here. Being a traditional business owner in the past, and a network marketing professional currently, I can say from both standpoints that Gina met and exceeded the expectations we had by far! If you feel stuck on how to coach, train, and lead your organization - regardless of rank - we highly recommend coaching with Gina!”

Nick Brucker

Are you ready to take your
business to the next level?

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